a blue safe on a pink backdrop. the safe is open slightly and there are coins as in front of it

A quality safe can be a great addition to your home security roster. A secure spot to keep your most valuable things safe when you’re asleep or out of the house. Purchasing a safe however, brings with it a new challenge; finding where to keep it! You want a safe somewhere that you will always remember, but safe from prying eyes, so that even in the event of a possible break-in, your most valuables stay right where you want them.

Why Get a Safe?

First things first, why do I even need a safe? My home has good locks. I’ve got a high quality security system. I’ve even got a dog. Surely an indoor safe on top of this is a bit redundant. While this may be a common sentiment, there are still plenty of reasons to still invest in a safe for your home.

While home security systems and locks are good deterrents, the sad reality remains that burglaries are the 3rd most common crime reported to the New Zealand Police, as of 2022. Home security and strong locks, while a good idea, may not always stop a determined burglar from entering your home. Having a safe hidden inside can be a great last line of defense, keeping your most valuable belongings safe and secure. This can be great for securing one of a kind or unique valuables which could be harder to repair or replace. In the tragic event of a home invasion or robbery, it can be a weight off your shoulders to know that at least some of your valuable belongings are safe.

Even if theft isn’t particularly high on your list of worries. A safe can be an effective form of protection in the event of other misfortunes. High quality fireproof safes are a common option to consider when looking at safes. In the event that its not a burglar, but a house fire that strikes your home, a secure fireproof safe can help to save some of your valuables, again, very helpful in the case of unique or one of a kind valuables. When looking to buy a safe for your valuables, it could be worth considering the fireproof variety.

Where to Keep My Safe

a locked safe sitting in an empty closet

Now that a safe is on the cards, its time to consider where you actually want to place it. Some people are fine with having their safe in a visible spot, satisfied with its difficulty to open being enough protection for them. If you’re worried about crafty thieves however, finding a good spot to keep your safe out of view can be an important choice.

In the Floor

Whether it’s beneath a loose floorboard or behind a trap door, hiding your safe in the floor is a great way to keep it out of sight, particularly if that floorboard or trap door is hidden itself. Robbers will often not want to waste time looking for complex nooks or crannies when they’re in a house. If this is a theft of opportunity, then getting in and out with as much as possible is the goal. Wasting time looking for a loose floorboard under a rug or bed will only cost a thief precious time and increase the risk of capture. If the choice is between taking what they can already see available to them, or searching for a hidden treasure trove, most thieves will take the former option, and your valuables will remain right where they are.

In a Closet

A closet is another great place to hide a safe, especially if it’s a walk-in closet. You can hide it behind clothes or shoes, or even inside a false bottom in a chest or drawer. The general clutter that closets provide make for a great safe hiding spot, as there will never be a shortage of things to keep a sneaky safe out of the way. The only potential downside to a closet safe is the lack of originality behind the idea. Closets are a common spot for safe stashing and will often be a place that robbers check. Just because it is done often however, doesn’t mean its a bad idea. A well disguised or hidden safe can remain safe in a closet easily. It is a popular hiding spot for a reason after all.

In the Wall

Lets be honest, we’ve all seen the movies. The idea of a mysterious safe tucked behind an expensive portrait or lavish curtain has been popular for decades. In spite of the attention that movies bring to these safes however, they are not an overly popular spot for keeping them. Similar to hiding a safe in the floor, a hidden wall safe is not necessarily what a robber will break into a home with in mind, and often they will not waste time searching for something that they cannot easily find or access. This makes wall safes, like their floor counterparts, a smart idea for valuable storage.

In the Ceiling

If you have an attic or a crawlspace, hiding your safe in the ceiling can be a good option. A safe in the ceiling can be a good idea for keeping your space tidy. You don’t have to worry about a safe taking up space if you have nowhere easy to keep it. Just make sure the spot is well-supported and not too difficult to access in case you need to get to your valuables in a hurry. A ceiling or crawlspace is also a good idea because it is out of the way and not somewhere that burglars will go out of their way to check. And in the event of a fire, your safe is out of the way and in a more protected location.

Somewhere else Entirely

If you’re really worried about someone finding your safe, there options that you can consider away from your home. You can rent a safe deposit box, either from a local bank or online through a business which specializes in them, and stick your safe, as well as other valuables inside that. This will guarantee that your valuables are safe in the event of either a robbery or a fire, as they will be tucked away from the danger. While this is the most secure option, it’s also a more expensive one, with the price to hire a safety deposit box often being an annual commitment, and generally requiring an investment of around $200.00NZD per year. If the price is not an issue however, a safety deposit box could be the perfect place to stash your valuables.


A white safe hidden behind a phototgraph on a wall

In conclusion, it is important to be aware of the best places to keep your valuables hidden and out of sight. Remember to always be vigilant and take precautions to protect your property. By following the tips above, you can help to ensure the safety of your belongings, and allow yourself some peace of mind.