At some point, every one of us has misplaced our keys, dropped them somewhere, or locked ourselves out of the house/office or even the car with the key stuck inside, right where we can see it but can’t reach it.

So, if you are locked out in the middle of the night and urgently need to call a locksmith to get in, how do you decide who to call?

If you are such a situation, follow these steps to find a locksmith who is both reliable and safe.

Here’s some of the points you need to look for before hiring a locksmith. 1. Make sure your locksmith is nearby 2. Pick a locksmith who offers a range of services 3. Don’t call the first phone number that you come across on Google search results. Make sure you visit their website and see how reliable and they look and sound, and then give them a call. 4. Don’t pick the first person you call 5. If you are not able to find someone quickly, call someone you know has been in a similar situation before and ask them who they called to get the work done. This way, you’ll know for sure that they can be trusted. 6. Make sure to ask for a quote 7. Check for Insurance 8. You can cancel anytime you want

If you’re living in Auckland and looking for a mobile locksmith, contact Chubb Security on 0800 20 30 40. They’re one of the best locksmiths out there.