How to make sure you’re hiring the right Locksmith in Auckland

It’s quite frustrating when you’re locked in a room and you can’t open the door or the key is not working properly and you can’t open the lock or you lost your car keys and you need help to open your car door. But don’t worry, that’s always a solution. If we can’t do it, we can ask a Locksmith to help us.  These are some of the situation we rely on  Locksmiths to help us.
Locksmiths in Auckland
If you find yourself in any of these situation, you can easily find a locksmith in your area. Just google “Locksmiths in Auckland” and you will see a lot of businesses offering lock services.  Before you make the call and ask them to come to your house or businesses, do some research about the business you’re calling. Make sure you call the right locksmith for professional and quality services.
Here’s some tips you need to note down for choosing the right locksmith in Auckland.

1. Read  Reviews: 

Run a quick internet search. Use the company name with words like “complaint” or “review.”
Reviews helps a lot to choose the right locksmith because these reviews are written by real customers who have faced similar problems and which business helped them solved the problem. A good place to start is Google Reviews. You can also go to Yelp, FourSquare, Finda and read reviews left by other users before hiring a locksmiths.

2. Find a Local Business

Ask for the full, legal name of the business. If an operator will give you only a generic name, think about calling a different business that will identify itself.
Ask the operator to confirm the address shown in the ad. If the ad doesn’t show an address for the business, find out why. A legitimate locksmith who operates a
“mobile” business or runs the business from home will be able to explain that.
Get an estimate of the total cost. You might have to describe the job or the type of lock you have before you get the estimate. If the estimate is very low, confirm that it covers all fees and charges, including:
  1. Fee for a service call
  2. Labor
  3. Replacement parts
  4. Additional fees for mileage, responding to a night call, fuel surcharge, tool usage or other items
Ask the locksmith to bring a written copy of the estimate.
Find out if the locksmith has insurance to cover your losses in case your property is damaged during a repair.

3. When the Locksmith Arrives

Ask for the locksmith’s identification and business card. Make sure the information on the business card matches the company name on the invoice. Look at the written estimate the locksmith brought, or ask him to write one up before he starts working. If the estimate doesn’t match what you heard on the phone, think about whether you want to call someone else. Don’t hand over your credit card until you agree with the estimate. Look at the proof of insurance. If your state requires a license or registration, ask to see that too. Show your identification. A legitimate locksmith should confirm your identity and make sure you really own the property or vehicle before starting work. If the locksmith gives you authorization forms or other paperwork, read them before you sign.
If the locksmith says it’s necessary to drill your lock and replace it, think about hiring a different person. A skilled, legitimate locksmith has invested in tools and education and should have the skills to unlock almost any door. Before you pay, get a written invoice that shows the company name and lists labor, replacement parts and all fees you’re being charged.

If the service was good, save the number in case there’s a next time.We recommend choosing Chubb Security for all your security and locksmiths needs. Chubb’s mobile locksmith are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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