A house in the evening with outdoor security lights on

When it comes to home security, a simple lock and key is not enough. Burglars have many ways of getting into peoples homes. Despite this reality, many people still believe that a security system is not worth the investment. 

There are several reasons why people choose not to get a home security system, including the cost, the hassle of installation, and the belief that they can protect their home without one. However, there are many compelling reasons why you should still get a home security system, despite the initial investment.

Too Expensive

A hand holding a phone which controls a smart alarm system.

A lot of people are worried about the initial expense of installing a home security system. Prices differ depending on the circumstances but what if we told you a few ways that it can save you money?

Save Money on Home Insurance 

A home security system deters burglars from even entering your house in the first place, which is why the majority of home insurance companies offer discounts on properly installed home security systems. It will not only pay itself off, but also save you money in the long run.

Catch them in the Act

While in many circumstances the sight of an alarm system can deter thieves to begin with, should someone decide to break in, a home security system can help you catch a burglar in the act. This means your property is less likely to incur damage and fewer belongings are likely to be taken from your home. This saves you money in repairs and replacement fees. Additionally, having a security system with a camera or recording setting also means your valuable belongings are more likely to be found and the intruder prosecuted.

Alert Authorities

With a reliable home security system, as soon as your alarm is alerted, you are alerted, and therefore the authorities can be quickly notified too. This means that in the unfortunate instance of a home invasion, you can save money on medical bills, as less injury is likely to occur to you and your loved ones, and on legal fees as video proof is applicable.

I Have a Dog

A large German Shepherd behind a metal fence with a beware of dog sign stuck to it.

Sadly, while the thought of a guard dog defending your home can be appealing, more often than not, dogs get badly attacked or worse by intruders when they are defending their property. This is why you should have another source of home security. No one wants harm to befall their canine companions, particularly if it could have been avoided. If you have pets, you want to ensure they are protected. 

It is a sad reality that dog thefts have been on the rise since 2018 in New Zealand. Your pooch could not just be an obstacle for a burglar, it could be a target. A home security system gives you the best chance of stopping this from occurring, and also gives you the best chance of getting your beloved pet back if the worst were to occur.

Someone is Always Home

A house at night with the lights on in the windows.

This is even more of a reason to get a security system for your home. Thieves may not work alone and one person might not enough to hold off intruders. The last thing anyone wants while home alone is to deal with a potentially hostile intruders, and being attacked at home can result in serious injuries.

A trustworthy security system also provides the extra level of comfort for you and the person at home, knowing they are being taken care of and if anything were to happen you would be alerted. This provides peace of mind for both you and the person staying at home, and generally can make life more comfortable.

There are many reasons why feeling safe in your own home is important. One reason is that it can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Your home should be your safe space, a place to unwind and leave the stresses of the outside world behind. When you feel safe in your home, you are more likely to feel relaxed and comfortable, which can lead to better sleep and overall health. A comfortable and safe home environment which you can control can also help to decrease anxiety, and increase confidence.

I Live in a Safe Part of Town

The reality is that every house in every neighbourhood is an opportunity for burglars. All it takes is for one of them to decide your home is next. Even though you might live in a nice area, that does not guarantee safety. A lot of the time, it is people who do not live around you that will break into your home and often, nicer neighbourhoods may be targeted in hopes of more expensive rewards. This why you should still invest in a system of home security. Regardless of the area you live in, you can never be too safe.

There are a few reasons why nice neighbourhoods are likely to get burgled. One reason is that criminals perceive these areas as being wealthy and therefore a more lucrative target for theft. Another reason is that nice neighbourhoods tend to have lower crime rates overall, which can make them seem like easy targets for burglars. 

Nice neighbourhoods are often seen as being “safe” and people may carry a naïve belief that nothing like robbery could happen to them. Therefore, people in these neighbourhoods may let their guard down, making it easier for criminals to break in to their homes. This assumption of safety can lead to oversight, and people may neglect to consider home security. Neglected home security is what criminals will look for, and could be exactly what leads someone’s home to get robbed. So don’t be that person and get a security system today in your home!


There are plenty of reasons that people may believe they do not need home security. However, it is important to remember that when it comes to protecting your home, belongings, and loved ones, you can never be too safe. A home security system is one way to help give you peace of mind. Do your research and find the system that best fits your needs. If you’re unsure, reach out for advice, there are plenty of professionals who can give you advice. It may seem like an expense you don’t need, but one day, it could end up saving you and your loved ones from tragedy.