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The Locksmith Series – Part 4

It amazes me how many critical items are simply stored on a shelf or in a folder in my home!

They aren’t fire or water safe. They can be stolen with ease by anyone who enters our home. And most of the time, my wife is the only one who really knows where any of it is – but she does know!

To get an accurate picture of how a locksmith can help you with a residential or commercial safe, I have consulted heavily with Chubb Security to ensure I get my facts straight.

Home safe to safeguard against burglary

So, perhaps its time we considered purchasing a safe. What would we use it for?

  1. Passports and original birth certificates.
  2. Insurance policies and agent contact information. 
  3. Contacts and information for doctors, specialists, prescription medications, etc.
  4. Duplicate copies of essential keys to buildings, vehicles and offices, etc.
  5. Important papers related to investments, retirement plans, bank accounts, and associated contact information.
  6. Copies of other important legal documents, including mortgages, employment agreements, ownership papers, powers of attorney, living wills, and health care proxies.
  7. Valuables: Jewelry, coins, cash.

That’s quite a list and I’m sure its not exhaustive. And that’s just our home.

There are many applications for a safe.


We’ve already started to look at how to protect your private valuables and important documents with certified safes, fireproof safes, or home safes.


Strong rooms and vault doors, as well as certified safes and cabinets to optimize storage, transfer and deposit of cash and documents.

File:Bank of the West Los Altos branch vault.jpg
Bank of the West Los Altos branch vault

Strong rooms can provide certified protection against physical attacks from burglary, fire, explosives and drills, while vaults offer heavily reinforced protection of your business valuables from a variety of attacks.

For banks it is vital that safes are tested and certified to meet the most stringent international security standards.

There are even security cabinets that enhance the protection of bulky valuables against fire, while optimising your storage space.

High-Risk Sites

High-security enclosures for your business valuables to guarantee physical protection against burglary, fire or explosives.

High-risk sites also need high-security enclosures such as strong rooms, vault doors, secure storage cabinets to ensure a physical protection of business-critical items against burglary, fire or explosives.


Securely store your documents, cash and technical equipment in certified safes, fireproof safes and storage cabinets.

Many modern offices have need for certified safes, fireproof filing cabinets, fireproof safes and secure storage cabinets – designed and certified to securely protect important documents, ensuring your vital paper documents and data media remain unscathed in the event of a fire.


A wide range of cash safes, drop safes and storage cabinets with different levels of protection.

Next to storing and securing valuable products and documents, retailers also have the need to keep their cash deposits safe and protected in their work environment up to their insurance provider’s ratings. This can include drop safes, which are providing certified burglary protection up to highest certification levels.

For centuries, cash has been the most used and most widely accepted form of payment in the world. Retailers process large amounts of cash and need a reliable solution that empowers employees to confidently and securely handle banknotes and cash deposits. A high quality safe offers solutions that provide burglary protection that is certified to the highest standards.

6 Critical Questions for Choosing A Safe

When you seriously start looking for a safe, there are five questions that will help you to determine which safe will meet your needs.

1) What do you need to protect?

Make a list of the items you need to protect. this could include Cash, Documents, Data media, Collectables, Jewelry, Pharmaceuticals, and other valuables

2) What do you want to protect it from?

Are you concerned about burglary, or are you wanting protection from fire? Would someone use explosives or heavy duty drills?

What do you need to protect your valuables from?
3) How much capacity does your safe need to have?

What size safe do you need?

  • Large (≥ 150 litres)
  • Medium (>50 to ≤150 litres)
  • Small (≤ 50 litres)
4) How do you prefer to lock your safe?

What mechanism are you comfortable with? Combination Lock? Electronic Lock? Key?

5) Which certification level or grade should your safe have?

Chubb suggest four levels of certification:

  • Ungraded – basic burglary protection
  • Level S1 or S2 – certified for low levels of insurance against burglary
  • Grade 0 to VI – certified for medium to high levels of insurance against burglary
  • Grade VII to XIII – certified for high to very high levels of insurance against burglary
6) For how many minutes would you need protection from fire?

30 minutes? One hour? Two hours?

Examples of a Home Safe

Chubb Elements Alpha Plus 38 Safe

The Chubb Elements Alpha Plus safe is a fantastic cost effective home safe for residential applications.

Whether you are protecting Cash, Jewelry & Valuables, Documents, or Technology Equipment, the AlphaPlus is the ideal solution to protect against burglary and fire for the home environment

Key Features include:

  • 6mm Steel Door
  • Double walled construction
  • $5,000 Cash rating
  • Fire Protection for paper ducuments
  • 25mm diameter door securing steel bolts
  • Programmable electronic lock
  • Anchoring kit to resist unauthorised removal
  • Interior LED light
  • Key override

Optional Extras include:

  • Delivery and installation
  • Bolt Down

Price starting from $860.00*

*Price quoted for standard Chubb AlphaPlus 38 Size 4 is GST inclusive and does not include delivery or installation. Prices may change over time.

Example of a Commercial Safe

Chubb Duoguard 60 Commercial Grade Safe

The Chubb Duoguard is the ideal safe for commercial applications.

Constructed using Chubbsafes revolutionary new lightweight barrier material, it offers 60 minute fire protection for documents.

Whatever it is you wish to protect, the Duoguard is the ideal solution to protect against burglary and fire for the commercial environment.

Key Features include:

  • Chubbsafes Revolutionary lightweight material construction
  • 60 minutes fire protection for documents
  • High cash rating ($45,000)
  • Programmable high quality digital lock
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008
  • Contemporary two tone satin finish

Optional Extras include:

  • Delivery and installation
  • Bolt Down

Price starting from $2,875.00*

*Price quoted for standard Chubb Duoguard 60 Safe is GST inclusive and does not include delivery or installation. Prices may change over time.

So there you go. Thanks again to Chubb for helping out. You can can contact Chubb for more information:

Chubb New Zealand

Next week we will look into Access Control, and I will be talking to the good folks at ARC in Hamilton, NZ.