The Locksmith Series – Part 2

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How can a locksmith help you and your vehicle?

Whether you’ve locked yourself out of your car, or simply lost or damaged your car key, your local locksmith will be able to help you.

Abbot Locksmiths in Sydney Australia state that, while many locksmith ‘professionals’ claim they can provide all locksmithing services, not every locksmith is specialised in automotive lock-related issues. 

So be sure to check that your locksmith can take great care of your modern vehicle. This is especially true as security systems with automotive manufactures are constantly evolving. If your car was produced after 1995, there is a good chance your key has a transponder (computer chip) in the head of the key, programmed to start your car.

In these cases it may not be as simple as getting a key cut.

A good auto locksmith will be able to come to you, and service your car in a safe and convenient location. When asking about their services you will want to know that they can provide some or all of the following:

  1. Emergency and Mobile services.
  2. Open locked cars when the key is unavailable.
  3. Traditional car key cutting or car key replacement.
  4. Electronic remote car key replacement.
  5. Car key repairs.
  6. Ignition repair or replacement.
  7. Replace/repair locks in cars.
  8. Re-key car locks.
  9. Transponder Key Cutting.
  10. Programming Keys.

Car Key Cutting

Your local car dealership can often be the most expensive option when you require car key replacement – even for the latest or basic key models. However, your Auto Locksmith can often provide a replacement more affordably.

File:Car key duplication.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Unlike a regular key, which can be cut quickly, many modern car keys are challenging to recut and require highly experience Automotive Locksmiths as the technology is similar to a computer.

If you currently only have one car key, I strongly recommend enlisting the services of an Auto Locksmith to cut a few spare keys, to safeguard against the possibility of losing your car keys in the future.

Car Key Replacement

Even though your automotive key may contain data specific to your car, it is possible to replace your automotive keys, even for the most complex ranges, from modern Japanese to European vehicles.

An Auto Locksmiths also provides Mobile Services for car “lock-outs”, so you will never need to worry about getting stranded out on the road.

Quite often, a well trained and equipped Locksmith can reverse engineer a key from your lock or ignition and diagnostically program it to your car.

Fixing Ignition Problems

Quite often people ignore their car’s ignition issues because they seem so small. For example, if your key frequently gets stuck in your ignition or is even slightly difficult to turn, our professional locksmiths can quickly repair or if needed, replace the ignition.

File:Car Key in ignition.jpg

Another typical example is if your car’s remote is slow or has been less responsive as the vehicle gets older. Your locksmith can quickly change the batteries for you.

24-Hour Emergency Automotive Locksmiths

You want to find a locksmith who can come to you promptly when you are stuck. This includes diagnosing problems and working to provide solutions on the spot.

So there you go. In the next blog we will turn our attention to keeping your home safe.